Food: Alba buffet – a deal, a treat

The Food: Lunch Buffet: A deal is a deal. Lunch buffet with old friends even it’s around a year later than scheduled. At least we pulled through! Enjoy a more intimate setting here at Alba Spanish buffet without the crowds of the major buffet chains. Perfect for catch up sessions. Dark wooden chairs or red couches replace the common light weight plastic chairs in other … Continue reading Food: Alba buffet – a deal, a treat

Food: Yellow Cab – credit card freebies

Redeeming Citibank freebies! Industrial inspired interiors after the renovation at this branch – lots of silver metal and bare ceiling setup. The seats were bit cold though because of the material. And the air conditioning was a bit too much at some areas, while the area near the door / window was a bit hot. Charlie Chan Pasta The classic yellow cab favorite. Asian flavor … Continue reading Food: Yellow Cab – credit card freebies

Food: Bowl’d – lunch bowls by a ramen brand

Quick lunch here at Bowl’d by Uma uma after a failed errand. Rice serving was a lot, perfect for hungry corporate workers around the area. Quite a number of employees arrived a few minutes after 12nn. This store also has that food court type of build your own meal by choosing a viand / veggie combo to go with rice for less than a 100 … Continue reading Food: Bowl’d – lunch bowls by a ramen brand

Food: Bad Bird – steak (take) out

The Food:Power Steak Butchers steak, corn puree, grilled romaine lettuce, cooked medium. Steak was tender for this cut, a good level of doneness. Serving size is okay too. An interesting alternative to mashed potato is this corn puree. It’s a bit lighter in consistency and a bit sweeter. Actual dine date: late 2019 Continue reading Food: Bad Bird – steak (take) out

Food: Bacolod Chk-n-BBQ House – GC dine in

Quick lunch after doing some errands. Used a gift certificate for this meal. The Food: Pecho Value Meal Breast/wing inasal , garlic rice, atchara, iced tea. Inasal taste is similar to Inasal Chicken Bacolod (another Inasal restaurant in the area with similar pricing). You get that inihaw (char grilled) taste, flavor was more on the sour side rather than sweet bbq. Puto Ordered this to … Continue reading Food: Bacolod Chk-n-BBQ House – GC dine in

Food: Chika-an sa Cebu – holiday take out

Holiday takeout at this relatively new restaurant (Dec 2019) that primarily serves Cebuano specialties, primarily seafood just as a fish pattern is used in their logo. While waiting for the food to be ready, I sat on one of the couches. The interiors feature the weave pattern a lot. The windows had a wooden accent similar to capiz windows (without the capiz). The Food: Pancit … Continue reading Food: Chika-an sa Cebu – holiday take out

Food: Abe – Family Meal

Have a veranda view of the Manila Bay and the mini park at Abe by the LJC group of restaurants while you dine. This is one of the popular restaurants to watch the Pyromusical competition back when fireworks were not banned yet. You can cross order from Café Adriatico, also by LJC, which is just located next door and is connected by a doorway. Both … Continue reading Food: Abe – Family Meal

Food: Zarks – Burger on Rice

Burgers? Yeah, they put burgers (patties) on rice too. Decided to get my lunch here one time when the officemates decided to have a lunch out. Perfect, since I am used to having rice during lunch. The Food: Zark’s Signature Burger steak Garlic Mushroom Generously sized beef patty with a good amount of sauce and actual mushroom pieces atop seasoned rice. As for the sauce … Continue reading Food: Zarks – Burger on Rice

Food: The Grid Food Hall – Bun Appetit

A food hall that focuses on the type of food sold, not the brand name – The Grid at Rockwell labels their stalls with numbers and a description on what they are selling. The store name is also there but in a smaller font. Bun Appetit at Stall #11 sells mainly seafood filled buns/toasts and a few others. The Food: Lobster Roll Overflowing lobster meat … Continue reading Food: The Grid Food Hall – Bun Appetit

Food: Sizzlin Steak – lunch dine out

Dining out with a friend and paying using GCs at Sizzling Steak. Tried out the budget offering of this restaurant which come with a serving of soup and iced tea. The Food: Cheesy Beef Rice The cheese lover got cheese on beef and rice. Beef strips similar to gyudon cuts and strips of bell peppers top off the rice. You have to mix it up … Continue reading Food: Sizzlin Steak – lunch dine out